What is Safari Party? Safari Party

* More challenging than a puzzle game, more enjoyable than arcade
* Hours of joy, fun and laughter for the whole family - guaranteed!
* Drawn by famous French comic book illustrator and blogger Laurel

Are you ready for safari?
Safari Party is a new genre of match-4 action puzzle game where you become a photographer travelling around the globe: Safari, Ocean, North Pole, Forest and Metropole. Take as many photos as you can of more than four animals of the same kind. But be careful, some animals are not as cute as you think they are! Discover beautiful new lands and adorable animals, and compete for the title of the best photographer in the world!

Features Safari Party Safari Party
Safari Party 5 different themes across the globe:
Forest, Safari, Metropole, Ocean, North Pole!
Safari Party 3 game-play modes: Arcade, Speed or Expert.
(More coming soon :p)
Safari Party Crazy and super helpful bonuses:
rock, cloud and joker
Safari Party Endless hours of fun for the whole family
Safari Party Cute cartoon graphics drawn by Laurel (famous
french comic book illustrator) in Retina Display
Safari Party Universal app: optimized to work natively
on your iPad
Safari Party OpenFeint & GameCenter integration
for Leaderboards and Achievements
Safari Party Share your best photo shoots by
Safari Party
Safari Party Press Quotes
"Match more than four if you dare in cute iOS puzzler Safari Party" (Pocket Gamer)
"Safari Party should quickly become a reference in match-3/4 games!" (4/5 Appstore-Test.fr)
"Safari Party is simply a MUST-HAVE (...) it will satisfy both kids & adults" (17/20 iPhoneSoft.fr)
"Tons of contents, fun and challenge. (...) This universal app, with cartoon graphics, will seduce the whole family. A great game that you will enjoy playing and watching!" (7/10 ApplicationiPhone.com)
"Don't hesitate to buy this app, the quality/price/fun ratio is a real bargain! Only strong points.. Music, design, gameplay, controls... Everything is here! Try it, love it! (Actu!Padd - iPadd.fr)
"Definitively worth playing it, very appealing for kids & family!" (Laura)
"It's very easy to start playing but almost impossible to stop!" (Mike)
"Safari Party breaks out of the norm of typical match-3 games with it's innovative gameplay, and does so with great art and polish." (Kevin)
"Safari Party is really a fun and addictive game!" (Gaetan)
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